• Question: What do you think I'd be like if I got *shudder* /Discorded/? - askblacklightshining-deprecated
  • Answer:

    Brash, extroverted, and full of yourself. 

    Let’s be thankful it hasn’t occurred and, considering his current whereabouts and condition, is highly unlikely to. :)


Apologies to all who began following me previously. It would seem, as mentioned on my former online residence, that Tumblr is just a tad limited in what it will allow one to do. *Sigh*

Regardless, I now have the features I desired available to me. By all means, do ask away!



Good evening, fillies and gentlecolts. My name is Freeze Pop, and I am a member of Their Highnesses Luna and Celestia’s Royal Guards. I’m privy therefore to a number of things that go on around the palace, and I may be able to be convinced to give some insight into how things are around there.

Forewarning, however - I reserve the right to leave certain questions unanswered, at the risk of loss of employment. Let it be known I respect the privacy of my sovereigns, and would be wont to make any statement too candid.

…but don’t let that stop you asking, folks. You may be surprised! =)